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Maybe many "Mike"

A new contamination record has been detected in a fish caught in a bay near the Fukushima-Daiitchi power plant. Its overall radioactivity content would be 2,540 times higher than the maximum authorized health standard! Tepco plans to install new nets to limit the movement of contaminated fish as much as possible. Marine sediments acted as real reservoirs of radionuclides after the tragedy. They could indirectly be responsible for the contamination of "Mike", the "most radioactive fish in the world".

(Article published in Futura-Sciences on 01/21/2013)

Mike is a "murasoi" fish or a Sebaste pachycephalus.


"Total dissemination, absolute omnipresence, this is the essence of the ghost". (...) "The ghost can wake up much later, impossible to predict when. Or rather, he is still there, and we do not know when the consequences of harboring a ghost in his body will occur. feel". (...) "In the country where I was born, there is today a zone that has become ghost. It exists, but we cannot see it. We do not have access to it except those who, reluctantly, have to deal with it. As a territory, it is unusable. A real land can thus transform, in a second, into an invisible and untouchable land. And it is from there that the ghost arises".

Excerpt from Ryoko Sekiguchi's "Eating Ghost". Argol Editions. March 2012


Mike, 30x30cm, acrylic on crumpled tissue paper

Mike, 2013.jpg

Mike, 70x50cm, acrylic on crumpled tissue paper


Mike, 50x40cm, acrylic on crumpled tissue paper

poisson Fukushima,2013, 60x50.jpg

Mike, 70x60cm, acrylic on crumpled tissue paper

These are the areas described by the Japanese writer and translator Ryoko Sekiguchi, these spaces after the Fukushima nuclear disaster. “A phantom zone exists,” she said, “but you can't see it. We do not have access to it, it is unusable. A real earth can thus be transformed, in a second, into an invisible and untouchable earth. And that's where the ghost comes from."


This is the very heart of the tragedy: the disappearance of the tangible, of the possibility of contact. The ghost leaves only the trace of what was, leaves only a memory.

Fukushima détruit, 2013.jpg

Fukushima destroyed, 110x70cm, ink and acrylic on silver tissue paper.

fukushima 2.jpg

Collapse, 50X70cm ink and acrylic on tissue paper

Bopalh,2013, 25x25cm.jpg

Chemical, 25x25cm, ink on tissue paper

fukushima 2013.jpg

Central, 187X140cm, ink and acrylic on silk paper

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