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She paints portraits and landscapes whose presence cannot be affirmed, on supports with the assumed fragility of rice and silk paper, one can hear them fly and rustle with the light breath of a draught, with their starched folds and frozen in the glue, this false stiffness of a support always hesitating between folding it and breaking it, this false transparency of the oiled parchments of which one covered the openings of window in very old times, the one which blurs the real and the materiality of the things to make only one mouthful of clouds and steaming vapors of it. On these supports of mist she draws and paints the places and the remains of a disappeared materiality, transformed, opacified.


Georges Perec, 32x32cm, tissue paper


Kurt Cobain, 32X32cm, tissue paper


Bernadette Lafont, 32x32cm, tissue paper


Jorge Luis Borges, 32x32cm, tissue paper


Simone de Beauvoir, 32x32cm, tissue paper

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