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“Summoned lightness",

To see oneself in other women, to see oneself and to forget oneself in the shadows, to be conscious of being oneself through unknown and ghostly faces.


To see oneself in underwear, attributes of seduction that hide the intimacy of our bodies and that invite the dream of a possible fusion, under the breasts, the heart.


To see ourselves also, adorned with false eyelashes, through these women that we insult: the woodcock, the sea lion, the hyena, the guenon...


To see in these small dolls, very popular not so long ago, this feminine paradox of the object, of the seduction and also of the elsewhere and the enchantment.


Thus, the light that passes through the glass is opposed to the hardness of the river stone, the transparent ink is delicately deposited on the rough bamboo paper.


The movement, the posture, the precise and patient drawing of the details of textures, make these portraits with contrasts of strength and fragility, liberation and determination.


These raw, fragile and cold materials create, shape, realize and give birth to lightness." S.D


Fakelore, 92x97cm, ink on Burmese paper


Fakelore, 92x97, ink on Burmese paper


Fakelore, 92x97cm, ink on Burmese paper

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